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5 Fun and Addictive Game Apps to Keep You Sharp!

Fun game apps are a “must” to have handy on your phone. You can play them to entertain you and make you think when you have free time.

Keep them on your phone or tablet when you need a diversion. Whether you’re stuck in the office on a Friday afternoon or stuck in a car on a long road trip or stuck on a flight that is delayed, your time will be more tolerable if you keep yourself amused.

Having them at the ready can also help avoid the dreaded “Are We There Yet?” question from your kids during trips.

But game apps can do more than keep you amused. They can also keep you sharp and help you hone your mental skills. While you’re having fun, your brain can be solving problems, learning new words and more.

These five apps are all fun but make you think while you’re playing. Why not train your brain as you’re playing a game?

Warning: These games may be addictive! Only start playing them when you have time for fun…

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