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Alan Rosenberg: We’re doubling efforts to please crossword fans


People love “Gil” and “Peanuts,” and they’re intrigued with the human dilemmas addressed by Carolyn Hax and Amy Dickinson. But the crossword they take personally.

For some, it becomes a test of their mental ability — one they love to pass, but hate to feel they flunked. As many did during the two-week trial of Newsday’s crossword package that we finished yesterday, with its escalating difficulty through the week.

“To be honest, the new crossword makes me feel stupid,” one reader wrote after trying to do a Friday puzzle.

“Please don’t plague me with any more of those ‘Saturday Stumpers,’ ” another reader begged. ”It may as well have been published in a foreign language. I suggest trying to appeal to those of us who are intelligent, but just not Mensa caliber.”

Others have written to scold that they rely on the crossword to keep their minds sharp — something no one ever says about “Hagar the Horrible” — and to complain when a puzzle is too easy. That was a complaint about the early part of Newsday’s week, as well as about the puzzle we had immediately before, by Jacqueline Matthews.

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