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10 puzzle games under $10 that will consume your life


I love tiny little puzzle games. I would even go as far as to say I’m a fanboy of indie puzzlers—simple, 2D, single-screen puzzles that you can stare at for hours but still walk away from at any moment. I love the way they use minimalist visuals as a facade for mind-crushing difficulty, and that most times the best way to solve a puzzle I’m stuck on is to step away for a day or two and come back with fresh eyes.

We also have a larger list of the best puzzle games on PC, and while there is some overlap, playing a a game like Portal or Fez doesn’t always scratch the same brainteasing itch as puzzlers like Hexcells or Snakebird. These are 10 of my favorite little puzzle games (in no particular order) that are challenging, simple, and extremely affordable—all 10 of them would only cost $52 total, and could keep you busy for months.

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