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An Experimental Book Tests Our Ability to Perceive Multiple Mediums Simultaneously

Living up to its name, the book Network, a project by Chilean electronic musician Nicolas Jaar co-published by Printed Matter and Other People, can be opened at pretty much any point and read — if reading is even what you call it. Upon opening the book I saw a series of onomatopoeias, several pages …

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This puzzle claims to show why 2017 is ‘truly unique’, but can you work out the problem with it?

The trick follows a specific numerical formula, and has been posted in the form of a meme on social media, where it’s blowing peoples’ minds – and receiving thousands of shares A PUZZLE claims to show why 2017 is a “unique” year… but can you work out the problem with …

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Have Math Anxiety? Here’s How to Not Pass It Down to Your Kid

All over Facebook, I see parents agonizing—and commiserating—over their kids’ homework, particularly their math homework. I’m not there yet, as my daughter is only 4, but I’ve been dreading this stage—I’ve already called “Not it!” to my husband on the decision of who will help her with all things mathematical. …

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This time-lapse video of a man assembling a 33,600-piece puzzle is absolutely incredible

Our brains are buzzing after watching this incredible time-lapse video of a man assembling a 33,600-piece puzzle. Completed with no assistance (and a ton of patience, obvs), this ambitious individual managed to put together “Wildlife,” one of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzles without completely losing his mind. As Gizmodo reports, this …

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Rewards systems for kids are effective, if you use them correctly.

A few months ago, my husband and I met a psychologist who advised us to start using rewards with our 6-year-old. Our son is happy, but he struggles at times with his behavior and emotions. (What kid doesn’t?) We wanted to help him become more self-sufficient, more proactive—to get dressed …

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This brain teaser drove our staff nuts – can you solve it?

Fifteen straws are laid out to make the mathematical expression: I + II + III = 4 By moving only one straw, how do you make that expression mathematically correct? You can’t add or remove any straws – you can only move one. Give up? You’ll be kicking yourself once …

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