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Brain Teaser

Left-Handed People Are Officially Smarter

We know for a fact that a lot of you like to tease your left-handed friends, for reasons we really aren’t so sure of. But news from some recent studies might have the tables turning, because new research has revealed that left-handed people might really be smarter! read more at …

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This Maths quiz will push your memory to the limit… and only people with a flawless brain can make it to the end

A NEW memory test is leaving the internet baffled – so will you be able to beat it? The mind-boggling quiz starts off simply and asks users to test their memory with a simple numbers game. But as the puzzle progresses things start to get pretty tricky – and the …

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10 Funny Brain Teasers to Test Whether Your Brain is Lazy or Not

10 Funny Brain Teasers to Test Whether Your Brain is Lazy or Not. These brain teasers are too funny to play with your friends, sisters, brothers and family. These are 10 best brain teasers which perfectly works as brain games, mind tricks and brain exercise. Please try this once and …

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Test your Brain and Mind with these 9 Classic Optical Illusions

Are the two orange circles of the same size? One way to learn more about our brains and minds is to look at how we can trick them–that is, to see how we react to brain teasers and visual illusions. Quick facts: The brain has two hemispheres, each divided into four lobes. …

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