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Logic Puzzles

Can You Solve The Shoe Store Logic Puzzle?

Here’s a logic puzzle for you math lovers out there. A man buys a $10 pair of shoes with a $20 bill. The store owner doesn’t have any change, so he goes next door to the barber to get change from him. The store owner returns to his store and …

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Picross Touch

Picross Touch is an easily accessible and addictive logic based puzzler in which you decode Nonogram-style pixel art pictures as popularized by the Mario Picross games. For those unaware, Picross is a blend of Sudoku and Painting-by-Numbers, with you using the numbers around the edges of a grid to fill in the …

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How Oracle Team USA are using freediving and logic puzzles to train their brains on America’s Cup glory

“One of the things that we identified was integrating different types of training into our schedule, developing the athlete as a whole, not just physically.” And that means everything from logic puzzles to memory recall apps, boxing, free-diving and, in the lead up to the 2013 America’s Cup, simulating hostage …

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