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Riddle of the Week #34: Two Wizards Ride a Bus

This week we take a look at a notoriously tricky math puzzle, one originally penned by English mathematician John Conway back in the 1960s. Apparently he was riding the bus home one evening when he encountered a pair of wizards. Last night I sat behind two wizards on a bus …

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Scientists slam ‘exaggerated’ benefits of brain games

The benefits of so-called brain games are “exaggerated” and evidence they improve cognitive ability are “weak to non-existent”, a group of experts has said. Consumers “naturally think these products will be helpful”, a report by the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) found. But it warned that while the games …

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Brains learning together act the same

Students paying attention in class may have similar brain electrical patterns, a new study shows. A teacher standing at the front of the classroom may see all of the students facing her. But are their fixed stares the look of rapt attention? Or the glassy-eyed gaze of daydreaming? Maybe the …

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Left-Handed People Are Officially Smarter

We know for a fact that a lot of you like to tease your left-handed friends, for reasons we really aren’t so sure of. But news from some recent studies might have the tables turning, because new research has revealed that left-handed people might really be smarter! read more at …

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This Maths quiz will push your memory to the limit… and only people with a flawless brain can make it to the end

A NEW memory test is leaving the internet baffled – so will you be able to beat it? The mind-boggling quiz starts off simply and asks users to test their memory with a simple numbers game. But as the puzzle progresses things start to get pretty tricky – and the …

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Suppressing the reasoning part of the brain stimulates creativity, scientists find

If off-the-wall thinking gives you a headache, scientists might have the solution. Researchers have found that suppressing activity in part of the brain involved in planning and reasoning can boost an individual’s ability to think in creative ways and solve mind-bending problems. But the benefits come at a price. read …

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