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Scientists slam ‘exaggerated’ benefits of brain games

The benefits of so-called brain games are “exaggerated” and evidence they improve cognitive ability are “weak to non-existent”, a group of experts has said. Consumers “naturally think these products will be helpful”, a report by the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) found. But it warned that while the games …

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A Possible Path to Better Sleep—and a Better Memory

Can’t remember where you left your cellphone? Totally forgot about that dentist appointment? If you’re past middle age and really want to hang on to your memory, swap the Sudoku and crossword puzzles for a good night’s sleep. Many studies have made the connection between sleep and memory consolidation—the brain’s …

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9 Ways to Manage Brain Fog

One of the most frustrating symptoms of living with a chronic illness is brain fog. There are medications to treat many symptoms of chronic diseases, but sadly there isn’t yet a pill that takes away brain fog. However, there are ways to deal with it so patients can minimize its effects and …

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